Tweeting away

For me, the live tweeting was sometimes a bit of a hit or a miss, for me the class starts right on the minute I finished work on Thursdays, so I would always be driving home connected to Discord through my car for the first hour of the class. Somehow this actually made the classes more engaging for me which was good. The down side to this however was if we were live tweeting the movie in that first hour I would have to join the party late and get all my tweets in! All in all though I really enjoyed the live tweeting experience and the films picked for the class were really interesting to watch!

Alita: Battle Angel – Week 9:

I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed this film, It was never something I thought I would be into, and one of the first thoughts I had about the film upon watching I decided to tweet and oh lord, I had no idea that it would blow up this much. Looking back I wish I had used the #AlitasArmy hashtag.
I also got a lot better at interacting with others through their tweets and reblogs etc.

I was so surprised by how much traction this tweet got!

I found myself interacting a bit more with others and in more humorous ways

Ready Player One – Week 10

This film was one I had seen just a few months before live tweeting with it and honestly watching it the second time and researching into fun facts about the film I was honestly so taken back by how much thought and planning went into the film. This was a film that I continued researching even after the class had finished. Really well put together, I did a few different types of tweets to make up my 10, including self reflections as well as researched articles ad websites, to share amongst the chat.

The film made me want to keep learning about hidden easter eggs and fun facts about the film.

Connected with more peers this week!

Looked into more academic level research this week and I found that more people were not only reblogging my tweets but also making a commentary of their own too!

Robot and Frank – Week 11:
This was a film that I personally didn’t get into as much as some of the others but I still found it rather interesting. Rather than thinking on my own for this film and live tweeting I found myself googling at articles and fun facts about the movie and reblogging/ commenting more than I usually would. I found I had higher interactions with the BCM# in this film than in any other and perhaps that was because I just didn’t get hooked on the movie. Either way learnt some very interesting things about the future/ present of AI and robots.

This was an example of how I was trying to connect with not only one other peer but multiple others, given that we were live tweeting I found this to be a lot easier than outside the live tweeting time slots such as in other weeks.

I really did find Live tweeting this semester to be really fun and with the films that were selected I found myself really enjoying them too. Not to mention I had the most engagement with other peers this semester too, which also got more prominent as the semester continued on.

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