Beta’s Back, Back Again

The following is a collection of peer commentaries I made on 4 of my peers digital artefact blogs. The comments were designed to firstly acknowledge the hard work that would have gone into the making of the DA and all of the behind the scenes work and education that would have happened to get the ball rolling! The 4 peers DA’s I chose belonged to; Jack Boulding, Emma Jenkins, Elissa Rhodes and Bronte Willis.

First up was Jack’s comment:

Jacks Beta was really well put together and as a reader it was very easy to navigate around and understand what was happening. It was nice for them to share what troubles they had found themselves in wit the Beta as it is a working progress, there usually will be bumps along the road. I think it is an important DA to be delving into as music has always been a constant in life and for many within the last year especially music has been so important. In terms of future progression and suggested readings, I found an article on Google Scholar that looks into the idea of Schenkers theory and the future of music. In the easiest way possible, the piece by depicting how it relates to an abstracted deep structure. I thought the article was really interesting and even if it didn’t make it into Jack’s DA, it was still valuable information.

Next up was Emma’s DA:

Emma’s DA was another interesting read especially to myself because I found it so aspiring and interesting that it was a DA that has been continued on for so long and the progression is very clearly noted and can be seen in the history. The piece was incredibly cohesive and easy to understand. I thought it was important to note that who their audience is right now in this moment, may not be who their audience is 2, 5 or 10 years down the track for example, especially when it comes to media such as this as well as the evolving world of technologies. Even with the introduction of platforms such as TikTok, the way that audiences interact is completely changing from when written media began, and I believe that Emma shouldn’t be restricting herself to one a particular platform as that way there will be more organic growth! This DA was a job well done and I really enjoyed listening along!

Then I had Bronte’s comment:

Bronte’s DA was one that I honestly got so much out of, everything was so well researched and planned out. The material she based her concepts on were really well conveyed and related to the subject material. Once again, I thought it was beneficial to raise the opinion of creating a larger platform perhaps to the liking of TikTok for the next stage as it was a platform that would allow for one, bigger growth but also opens up to a much larger audience. As mentioned in the comment, younger generations are having a much better relationship with talking about mental health issues and not leaving it as a taboo subject as prior generations would have. I thought it would be interesting to link the articles and further research I found to the role that films in decades such as the 1950’s had on the discussions surrounding mental health and again how it was portrayed. All in all, a really interesting DA and keen to see the end result.

Lastly I had Elissa’s DA:

This DA was a subject that I usually wouldn’t have any sort if interest in, however through the outlining and demonstrations conveyed, Elissa was able to make the Beta really approachable and took my interest after being a Beta that I wasn’t scheduled to comment on, non the less, I thought it looked really interesting. Amongst reading and listening to the beta, I thought It was very smart for them to break down the next stage into the short, medium and long term effects given that it’s so important to see tangible growth, and with technologies coming so far, the effects that it will have and is having on sports is such an important conversation to be having. When I was looking at articles relating to sports technologies I thought it was interesting to look at the technologies of sport and in particular that of crossfit as it has become so popular in recent years. I was really impressed with what Elissa had created and am looking forward to seeing the final product!

Peer Comment #1

Peer Comment #2

Peer Comment #3

Peer Comment #4


I really wanted to ensure that in each of my comments, I was making a conscious effort to really praise each of my peers in the work that they had produced, I feel as though I achieved that goal. I wanted to make sure that at the start of every comment I was beginning with a compliment on the work and Beta. I also wanted to ensure that throughout the whole commentary I was not being harsh and really wanted to check that my suggestions would never come off as rude, and rather just a second opinion. Again I believe that I achieved this.

I feel as though perhaps the more comments I did, the smaller my contribution got, Bronte’s Beta was the first piece I commented on and I really felt strongly about the comments I gave and the article and further readings I suggested. I think this also may have had to do with the fact that I also feel like I really connected in a way with their Beta. The issues surrounding mental health really stood out to me and straight away when I thought of the history my mind went to the movies in the 50’s that I love to watch, and it got me thinking about the portrayal of mental health in films such as To Kill a Mockingbird and Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

If anything, looking back I wish i had included a few different mediums of further research rather than just academic articles. All in all, I am happy with the work that I have contributed and I am happy with the way that it was all portrayed to each of my peers.

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